Nordik Barrborn Crow 2-pack


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Game calls for crows

 Nordik Barrborn Crow is a series of two game calls; the Nordik Barrborn Basic Crow and the Nordik Barrborn Pro Crow. These calls are designed and produced by Roger Barrborn in cooperation with Nordikpredator.

The calls are developed specially to be able to produce a wide variety of different calls and sounds of crows. The design makes the call very easy to use.

Use the Nordik Barrborn Basic to create the softer basic sounds that the crows use to let each other know that the area is safe.

The Nordik Barrborn Pro on the other hand is to be used to make a series of calls that attracts and annoys crows.

We recommend you to use both calls together, thus making a duet of sounds and calls. With access to both calls, vary the softer sounds from the Basic call with the aggressive calls from the Pro call.

The principal is to place the call in your mouth, in front of your teeth, while having a small gap of 3-4 mm between your upper and lower front teeth.  By making a coarse R-sound without any force you will easily make a basic sound that you can use and vary.

Once you are able to produce a true to life sound that can be used as a calm contact call, you can start to vary this. By altering how hard you press the mouthpiece together with your fingers, or bite on it you will quickly notice a variation in sounds. To create even more variation, hold your hand cupped in front of the sound chamber and open and close it.

Good luck!

 Roger Barrborn