Nordik Barrborn Basic Crow


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Game call for crows

 Basic is one of two game calls in the series ”Nordik Barrborn Crow”. The calls are developed and designed by Roger Barrborn in cooperation with Nordikpredator.

The calls are developed specially to be able to produce a wide variety of different calls and sounds of crows. The design makes the call very easy to use.

With the Nordik Barrborn Basic call you can make a register of the softer basic sounds, such as a crow declaring the area safe.

To use the call, place the mouth piece between your lips in front of your front teeth while keeping a distance between your upper and lower front teeth of 3-4 mm. Start off by making a coarse R-sound without using too much force, you will soon learn the basic sound that you can start to vary.

Once you have learned to make a life like sound that can be used as a soft contact call you can easily start learning how to make more soft and comforting sounds.

By altering how hard you pinch or bite on the mouth piece you will soon notice how the pitch changes, to add even more variation use your hand in front of the sound chamber, opening and closing your cupped hand.

Advice! When you feel comfortable with calling we advise you to use two different calls. I use the Basic and the Pro calls together, alternating between them to create a “duetto” of calls. With access to both calls, vary the softer sounds from the Basic call with the aggressive calls from the Pro call.

Good Luck,

 Roger Barrborn

The call is also sold in a 2-pack together with the Nordik Barrborn Pro Crow call.