Nordik Mouse


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The Nordik Mouse is a mouth call with a life like sound for fox and other predators that mainly prey on mice and voles.

Softly inhaling and exhaling thought the call is enough, this makes the call very easy to use, no force is needed. In case some debris gets stuck in the call it is easy to clean by pulling the pieces apart.

The shape of the call makes it possible to use without holding it in your hands, you can keep your hands on your gun and be prepared when the predator appears.

The squeak of a mouse can be used through out the hunting season but is particularly effective for young fox, that have not yet experienced distress sounds from other prey, such as rabbit and hare. Therefore, it is often easier to call young fox with mouse squeak than with other sounds.

The sound from the call may seem low, but predators have very good hearing and in calm weather they will hear the call from a far distance.

Using the call: 

Use what you think sounds like mouse squeaks irregularly for 20-30 seconds, be quiet for 1-2 minutes and repeat this for 30-40 minutes before choosing a new stand. The mouse squeak is also a preferable way to begin or end your session when calling with hare or bird distress.

Keep in mind that even if the predators you call using the mouse call are not as careful as when you call with a hare distress call, the ones with experience will go down wind to sniff for other predators that may be a threat. Try to find a stand where you can watch you wind and use camouflage!

Remember, practice makes perfect!