Nordik Crow


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Nordik Crow


To imitate the characteristic croak of the crow, place the mouth piece in your mouth with your teeth behind the notches, take a·deep breath and blow into the call while making a RRRRRR sound deep from your throat.· You are now making the basic croak that will give you many shooting opportunities for hooded- and carrion crows, ravens, rooks,· jackdaws and magpies.

Note: this call is developed to imitate the hooded crowCorvus corone! When you are confident with the basic sound you can benefit from experimenting with how hard you bite on the mouth·piece while blowing into the call.
With a little practice you will soon be able to create many sounds of different character; everything from a very annoyed crow, to a crow attacking a bird of prey chasing it away from the territory, or the contact sound of a crow.