Nordik Agony


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The Nordik Agony is a call that creates a lifelike sound of pain and agony, and it is very easy to blow. The sounds that the call makes are of general agony, that are effective for calling fox and other predators.

Nordik Agony is a closed reed call, that makes it more vulnerable to moisture, therefore be careful not to get saliva into the call.

The Nordik Agony can also very effectively imitate the sound of a jackdaw.


Rest the mouth piece against your teeth or lips and blow thrusts of air into the call. Vary the length of the thrusts and use one of your hands in front of the call for a more vivid sound. The call is easily blown, so do not use any force, adjust the thrust until you find a lifelike, raspy sound, without using your throat or growl at the same time.

If you want the sound to be higher pitched, add more pressure to the mouth piece.


Bite the mouth piece completely together with your teeth or lips and blow into the call at the same time as you let go of the mouth piece completely.

Suggestions of how to make a stand

Open fields: 

Call intensively for 15-20 seconds, be quiet for 2-3 minutes and keep doing this for 20-40 minutes for each stand.

Smaller fields and forested areas:

Call intensively for 15-20 seconds, be quiet for 5-6 minutes and keep doing this for 20-30 minutes for each stand.

Note that predators often go down wind to make sure there is not a larger predator there that can be a threat. Try to find a stand where you can watch your own down wind and make sure you are well camouflaged!

Remember, practice makes perfect!