Nordik Sika


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Nordik Sika is especially developed to imitate the call of a sika stag in rut. For calling sika stags during the rut, start by expanding the lower part of the call, place

the mouthpiece to your lips and start to blow softly
into the call, growl, and then soft again. Carefully
change to blow hard to reach a high pitched whistling
noise, then carefully change intensity again to blow
short and soft and growl softly. Call three times like
this, wait and adjust your next calling sequence to the
response of the deer. Note, sometimes the stags approaches
without response. For best result, open and
close your hands in front of the call for a more authentic
sound. Make sure you do not blow any saliva into
the mouthpiece.
This call can also be used to imitate the distress call
of a red deer calf. This sound agitates the hind herd,
attracting them to come close, often barking. This
type of calling is most successful in areas with dense
red deer populations.
For calling a red deer hind, expand the lower part of
the call and place the mouthpiece between your lips
and exhale. Blow short and longer thrusts of air for
15-20 seconds, rest for two to three minutes and continue
to call like this for 15-20 minutes each stand.
When calling in this way, you may also attract predators
such as wolves and lynx in these areas where
reed deer are common.