Nordik Plain Pain fälttest med Richard Lane

The Fur Has Landed (Nordik Plain Pain Field Test)  

As I eased the 22 Hornet’s barrel through a gap in the lower fence and nestled the stock atop my waist pack an ominous bank of grey cloud slid in from the East. Soon rain was whipping at my left ear. I replaced my hat with the snug hood of a Cabela’s outfitter wool camo jacket and hunkered down for a spot of early morning fox calling with the relatively new Nordik Plain Pain varmint call.

An hour later I figured any sensible fox would be in the shelter of a wood rather than exposed meadow so off I headed to my favourite woodland ambush point. Its status as much to do with the comfy tree I’ve been known to fall asleep against as it’s suitability for varmint calling!

Once I had the twin sticks positioned and rifle covering the approach of any interested fox I commenced a 20 second death sequence on the Plain Pain. It sounded convincing to my ears. Two minutes passed and I couldn’t resist a further blow but this time; for the hell of it, on the side of the call that gives a deeper and raspier pitch. I hadn’t finished blowing when off to my far left I spotted movement. Of course the twin sticks were in the wrong place and there was no time to reposition so out of the V came the rifle and up into off hand as the now train-like approach told me this was not going to be an opportunity for precision shooting but rather a hasty snap shot.

Fifteen yards from me the fox disappeared behind a fallen tree. As I strained to place the crosshair where I guessed the critter might reappear it arrived before my spine had time to fully engage with the challenge. It was now or never. Fox hair exploded into the damp March morning and fell like confetti. The fox dropped on the spot to a head shot.

Richard Lane1 Richard Lane2

The Nordik Plain Pain call is without doubt an ‘awkwardly’ named bit of kit but you if you can get over this minor inconvenience buy one.  You won’t be disappointed.

Ps:  Note my small modification that is a plastic green dot to make it easier to remember which is the higher pitched side!  Oh, and the use of your rubber bolt knob.


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