Hunting Pictures

 Lockavilt! 2013/2014 – the winners!

Contribution from Andrija Cvar

Andrija Cvar6

Contribution from Ismail Kurdov

Ismail Kurdov6

Contribution from Jimmy Johansson

Jimmy Johansson6

Contribution from Jordan Bozhinov

Jordan Bozhinov4

Contribution from Lars Wäppling

Lars Wäppling

Contribution from Mats Nyberg

Mats Nyberg

Contribution from Miloslav Halasi

Miloslav Halasi4b

Contribution from  Radek Bartek


Contribution from Tonni Pedersen

Tonni Pedersen2

Contribution from Yanko Belevski

Yanko Belevski2
Andy from Slovenia with his moose.


Pictures of game calling


Another successful and wonderful morning’s adventure thanks to a varmint call that does exactly what it says on the packaging:

I spotted the red fox lying beneath one of the many ‘folds’ in the undulating escarpment enjoying the warming rays from a youthful May sun. It was less than 20 yards away and hadn’t spotted me so I slowly dropped below sightline and assumed a kneeling position while carefully unfurling the lightweight Predator Sniper Styx into a low V before sliding the twenty-two calibre Cooper Arms JSR (Jackson Squirrel Rifle) into position. My heart pounded and sweat dripped onto the Zeiss 8X30 binoculars as I grabbed the NORDIKPREDATOR open read call that is permanently attached by lanyard.

I bit hard on my favorite fox call and coaxed a single loud squeal. Immediately the russet fox head popped into view followed by several steps forward. One more squeal for good measure and I let go the NP call and settled in behind the scope’s ocular lens at lowest 6-power. The fox was now in full view and getting bigger by the second! Off went the rifle’s safety as the now fully awake and hungry fox halted to half-heartedly test the air. Just as the crosshair settled nicely in line with the lower left ear the vixen lurched forward and trotted on. Her head now completely filled the scope as my pulse rate stepped up another gear and I seriously considered just how much more excitement I could take if I wasn’t to mess up the shot. The time had come to stop mucking about and pull the trigger!

I recall attempting to hold slightly low between the eyes but how much this helped at no more than 5 yards I’m not at all sure. What I can say with certainty is I’ve never heard a louder impact from lead connecting with bone than at the moment the fox folded when hit by the RWS .22 subsonic bullet.


Dick Lane


This male came to me on 2.11.2013 at 06.20 on contact call after 20min of calling, I used nordik fox heat vhistle. Shoot with ruger m77 compact in .308win on 50m. Andy Cvar.


This marten from Slovenia vas called in on 7.11.2013 using Nordik predator pre tuned, shoot with 16ga. Andy Cvar.

Southeast England (UK)

CrowItaly2 This is the result of a crow hunt, during a
foggy january’s sunday in Friuli Region,
north-eastern Italy.
We used a bunch of decoys
plus your Nordik Crow call.
In the early morning the fog was so dense,
that we could not shoot to the crows coming
over the decoys, attracted by the call.
We used a 12 gauge Breda semi- auto
and and a 16 gauge double.
The result has been 25 grey crows,
3 magpies and two extra wood pidgeons.
This is the result of a crow hunt using Nordik Crow call, two hooded crows.
 Vildsvin_Tjeckien2 The first wild boar shot in the
Czech Republic using the
Nordik Boar.
A pleased roebuck hunters.
With the help of Nordik Roe,
the result was two roe bucks whitin 10 minutes!
Nordik Predator Pre-tuned also works well when
hunting for marten.
 Tysklandjanuari2011_4 Two foxes from Germany with Nordik Crying Bird
Nordik Crying Bird is a good choice
for fox calling.
Mini_2 Another successful hunt, the call used here was the Nordik Mini Predator