6 contributions from Ismail Kurdov

Ismail Kurdov1

Nordik Crying Lamb
calling time:3 minutes
Distamce 30 meters
cal.: 223

Ismail Kurdov2


Nordik Crying Lamb
calling time: 9-10 minutes
distance:140 meters
cal: .223

Ismail Kurdov3


Nordik Crying Lamb
calling time 20 minutes
distance: 60-70 meters
cal.: .223

Ismail Kurdov4b

Nordik Crying Lamb
calling time:2 minutes
Distace: 45-50 meters
cal: .223

Ismail Kurdov5

 Nordik Plain Pain
Calling time 25-28 minutes
distance 100-120 meters
cal: .223

Ismail Kurdov6

Nordik Plain Pain
calling time 7 miutes
Distance 80-90 meters
cal: .223


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